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In the early 1900’s, Joseph Pilates invented an innovative exercise device called “The Reformer” that has yet to meet its equal. Professional athletes, performers, dancers and therapists have long known the remarkable benefits of the Pilates Reformer and have used it to transform and heal their bodies.

So then why are very few people in the public familiar with the “Pilates Reformer”?

The answer? Money.

The average price to purchase a “Pilates Reformer” is $1200. The average rate to hire a private instructor to teach “Reformer Pilates” is $50 an hour. The average price for a group class is $25-$30 per class. How many people can afford that?

But Revision Pilates has developed a system and a product that has streamlined how the “Pilates Reformer regimen” is delivered and consumed by the public. The Revision Pilates products give the consumer an almost identical experience of the “Pilates Reformer” in a vastly different package. It allows the consumer to perform 70% of the exercises within the “Pilates Reformer” lexicon – all for the price of a yoga class.

No one should be deprived of the amazing benefits of this extraordinary innovation.