By Appointment Only. All new clients must complete four(4) private, one-on-one sessions in order to attend group classes. Please email us for availability and scheduling.


ONE OF THE TOP 10 WORKOUTS OF 2015!  –  The Cleveland Plain Dealer



“I’ll say this up front: I’m tempted to invest in a Lifetime Plan.  For the first time in recent memory, I saw in Gregor a trainer who could actually resolve my issues.  …I’m already trying, and seeing improvement. The run I took after visiting Gregor…was among my fastest of late.”

                                             Zachary Lewis – The Cleveland Plain Dealer



“Revision Pilates has transformed my life. After only a few sessions I noticed a remarkable difference with less pain and more flexibility; and after 20 sessions I have no chronic pain, increased flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and a leaner body.  My vertigo also seems to be improving. Revision Pilates did what no doctor, chiropractor, specialist or physical therapist could do for me. The hour-long class feels like a strength training, Yoga, Pilates and meditation class rolled into one class. It’s amazing!”

“For years I did every exercise I could to change my body: I ran for miles a day or lifted weights. I did aerobics, body sculpting and cardio kickboxing. I tried karate, judo, step aerobics and zumba. I’ve killed hours on the treadmill, an elliptical, in spin classes and on the stair master. But the changes in my body were minimal and the harder I worked out the more disappointed I became. And then I found Revision Pilates. I found in Matthew an incredibly gifted trainer/coach and healer. When Matthew looks at his clients he sees exactly what everyone else sees; but most importantly, he also sees what no one else does. He sees the strength I didn’t know I had and the athleticism that I believed belonged to everyone else in the world but certainly not to me. Matthew’s words and the discipline of Pilates has changed what is inside of me. And my body had no choice but to come along for the ride!

“I had been wanting to try Reformer Pilates for a long time. The classes were too expensive for me. Thank god I found Revision Pilates because now I can afford it! I’m completely hooked! A few months ago a friend and myself started Revision Pilates in preparation for her wedding day. The results have been amazing.”

“Revision Pilates is fantastic and their idea of bringing Reformer Pilates to everyone is brilliant! Their knowledge and experience made my Introductory Classes a terrific experience, so much so, that I scheduled my second Introductory Class for the very next day so I could get started with group classes. The studio is gorgeous and inviting – from the moment I walked in the door I felt like I had discovered something amazing. Everyone has a right to experience how Reformer Pilates can transform your life and your body. I would recommend Revision Pilates to anyone.”

“I was looking for a way to re-introduce activity into my lifestyle when I discovered Revision Pilates. Their whole philosophy on health and wellness has not just helped me get into better shape (I have lost 21 inches from my waist, belly and hips in just 4 months) but has also changed the way I deal with the stress and drama of everyday life. It is a fitness experience like nothing else I have ever tried. The instructors are very genuine in their concern for you and your wellness. It is a highly inspirational and motivational experience whether you are in a group class or a one-on-one setting.”

“I was looking for a new Pilates studio and found Revision Pilates through a friend. This is a wonderful new studio in Mayfield Heights and the owner has a terrific approach to a Pilates workout. Not only does he make sure you get a great workout, but he also takes the time to teach you how to keep you free from injury. Class costs are also a lot less than the average Pilates class. I highly recommend Revision Pilates!”

“I am hooked on Revision Pilates! I am 66 years old and have never followed through with any exercise program!! I love the Revision Pilates classes and the instructors make everyone feel like the class is tailored just for you. I was out of town for just a week this year and I missed being at Revision Pilates soooo much!”

“BEST CLASSES EVER! Great combination of strength and stretching. Very focused and in tune with the body. Love it!

“You came into my life and offered me some much needed relief from the chronic pain that I was experiencing. More importantly, you offered me hope that there was something I could do in order to help myself. I will never forget both your expertise and your kindness.

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