By Appointment Only. All new clients must complete four(4) private, one-on-one sessions in order to attend group classes. Please email us for availability and scheduling.


For individuals interested in becoming self-employed in the art of healing and Reformer Pilates, Revision Pilates is offering Certification Courses for select persons.

The exclusivity of these certification courses are unmatched by any other existing Pilates Certifications for two reasons:
1. Those who pass the certification course will have exclusive permission to use the Revision Pilates patented equipment with their new clients that no other Pilates studio in the world has access to.
2. Those who invest in these certification courses will have access to a book titled “Body Anthropology (written by the founder of Revision Pilates) that provides scientific data that no other Pilates Certification or healing modality in the world currently offers.

These two offerings will instantly give a new instructor a competitive advantage over all others in the field that will help them attract and retain new clients.

For those interested, please send a letter of inquiry to Revision Pilates outlining your background and why you wish to become a healer and help others.